The three types of Happy…

Robert Holden writes about 3 types of happiness:
1. pleasure (i.e. a massage, sex, a delicious and refreshing drink, a delicious meal, a vacation, etc.) On the positive side, pleasure is something to look forward to, to enjoy, to savor. On the negative side, once it is gone, we can sometimes long for it or pine to have it back.
2. Satisfaction (i.e. finishing a marathon, completing an educational degree, getting a promotion, achieving a goal.) On the positive side, satisfaction gives us confidence and can encourage us to achieve our best in life. On the negative side, it can also be taken away (demotion, injury, failure to achieve said goal) and with that, our satisfaction is taken away.
3. Joy (the feeling that things are aligned for us, that we are on the right path, that we are accept the circumstances, gratitude, the ability to laugh, even at ourselves, connection with others, freeing ourselves from distortion so that we can see life clearly. Joy is sustaining, so there is no downside to it. It is our truest nature and, I believe, our natural state once the distortions of our story, our conditioned thinking and our ego is removed. Joy is freedom!

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  1. What a wonderful group of thoughts. You have put together some great ideas which should be inspirational to many people, myself included.m As usual, I am very proud of you. Sent with love.

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